Valencia College: HUM2250

The Sample Syllabus explores a Full-Term class. Expect the assignments to adjust slightly for shorter terms. 

Online students have assignments due Friday night requiring comments by Sunday. They will also take multiple medium quizzes throughout the term. Similarly, in-class students have two in-person sessions on the West Campus and one assignment due Sunday night on Canvas. They will also take multiple medium quizzes in person throughout the term. Unlike the Intro class, the in-person 2250 students will have an oral presentation due. Have Questions?

Hum2250: 20th & 21st Century Humanities (8/12 week term)

Summer 2024: No available courses :(

Fall 2024 Courses

*Reserve classes do not launch until all other HUM1020 across Valencia College are full. Please check back as the soon grows closer.

Why bother with the 20th Century Humanities Course?? 

Because great great grandma was not telling us the whole story!!

The 20th Century was a period of immense transformation and upheaval in various aspects of human life, making it a particularly fascinating and dynamic era for studying the humanities. It experienced cultural and artistic revolutions, World Wars and political upheavals, and Scientific and technological advancements!
Who can forget significant cultural clashes and the rise of identity politics?! Issues surrounding race, gender, sexuality,
and class became prominent topics of discussion and activism.

If this doesn't create an existential and philosophical crisis when looking at Abuela's photo album, maybe instead, the Renaissance class is for you!


(but not limited to)

In this Gordon Rule course, Valencia College students must demonstrate college-level writing skills through multiple writing assignments. To satisfy the Gordon Rule, a minimum grade of C is required.