HCC: PHI130 Ethics

Syllabus PHI130 Spring24

Sample Syllabus

The Sample Syllabus is not term-specific but contains much of the same information transferred from term to term. If you would like the current term syllabus, message me.

Course Description

Introduces students to critically examine philosophical principles related to moral action and political values. 

Put more plainly: 

What is the right thing to do? What should a good person be like? What determines right and wrong, good and bad, virtuous and vicious? This course will consider three immensely influential moral theories: Utilitarianism, Kantianism, and Aristotelian Virtue Ethics. 

We will evaluate four historical contributions to the philosophical understanding of morality:

In addition, consider a few reasons-based morality challenges: 

Application of Theory to Issues

We will explore moral and ethical issues to see how they fit into contemporary life: (but not limited to) Abortion and Euthanasia, Human Medical Enhancements, Gay and Lesbian Rights, Animal Liberation and Environmental Justice, Punishment and Responsibility, War, Torture, and Terrorism.

Course Competence, Outcomes, and Major Assignments

Upon completion of this course, the student can:


Students will be able to: