Lesson Planning & Classroom Management

Here's a glimpse into the planning process of preparing a class for my students. We learn by sharing! I've spent numerous hours in professional development sessions listening to my colleagues share their valuable insights. 

Most importantly, I've also learned from my adult children and students, who have been candid about their college experiences and suggested ways to improve the classroom environment. 

Their feedback has significantly shaped my approach to teaching.

Peek Inside!

Whether you are an online or in-class student, we have a flavor for you!

Are you desperate for a teacher who will teach you and wrap you in a warm, cozy blanket? Or do you want an easy-going passing grade now because the end of your degree is barreling down on you like the coming student loan payments? 

Either way... I got you!

Classroom Management

Encouraging & Tracking Students

ADHD Attention Help on all slides

Culturally Welcoming

Active Learning Activities

Introvert Recognition

Student Teaching Opportunities

Deep Cultural Dives with Guest Student Speakers

Relevant, Diverse, and Current Material

One-On-One Help

Adjusted Assignments for broad Learning styles

Open to Listening

Artist Haven

Group Discussions

Slide Availability 

Material Always Open to Students

Primary Source Activites

Never Harsh Lightening

Coffee Breaks for longer classes!!

Student Opinion Valued

Student Focused Slides

Endless Slide sets with no end in sight distract the mind. Our slides feature time checkers that help keep our attention focused, plus we try to include mental shocks to wake us and bring us back. We welcome quotes from students who are experts in the making!

ADHD Accommodations

ADD, ADHD, or just having special-to-you learning styles can sometimes conflict with the traditional classroom environment. Speak with me about coping. 

We offer Squeeze Balls, Silly Putty, and/or Play-Doh to keep the hands busy. Plus, a student had an idea called Doodle Notes for extra credit. Students doodle what they hear in the lecture and submit it for additional credit. Seeing how the mind relates the class material to art is fascinating. 

Introverts Welcome

The energy it takes to conversate with an extrovert is exhausting (so I'm told). As an extrovert, I know I can be a lot to handle - no offense, I get it! To combat the onslaught, we place a name tag on the desk with a discrete number system in the upper right-hand corner that tells me your introvert level. This way, when I point and question, I try not to single out those ready to vomit at the thought of it!  

Enhanced Lightening

Who uses the overhead light??!!! Are we lab techs or doctors?! NO! We use warm lightening to set the mood and calm the senses.

One-on-One Help

Meeting between classes is very tough, but luckily, we live in a digital world. Using text, email, and Discord, we could send pictures and audio, preview work before submission, and further explain something that was unclear. 

Adjusted Assignments

Humanities study the human condition and reveal we are very different from each other, but our yearning for purpose is the same! How we express that purpose could be textual, visual, or through video. All assignments are designed flexibly to allow students to express themselves, yielding the best results!

Deep Dives

"Intellectually Revewing" -- not the snore-fest it sounds like. While I strive to provide the most inclusive, creative classroom possible, I'm also a tremendous advocate for critical reading and viewing. Skimming the surface yields mediocre results. Therefore, we dive  deep into the material, open the author's or artist's mind, and expose the message they want us to have - critically with thorough examination and reflection. I promise you won't regret it - come learn to read again with us!