Valencia College: Humanities Powerpoint Visual Aids

Powerpoint Visual Aids

The slides are simply visual aids used in class that corresponded with the oral lecture. The slides are not in reading order. They are simply categorized into groups allowing the instructor to pull from particular slides as needed, depending on where the lecture goes during class. 

These slides are very large files housed on a separate server. To prevent you from opening massive files, the PPT was exported as individual JPEGs, which reduced the size drastically. But, please email the instructor if you have issues downloading these packets. 

Prehistory: This slide set discusses the origins of Humankind through the emergence of the Neolithic Village. This is a PPT file. 

African Humanities.  This slide set explores the kings of the north and south African regions, social structure, slavery, blood diamonds, religion, and terrain influence of the continent. This slide set is very large (100+images)

Analyzing Primary Sources In class, we discussed Learning Styles, analyzing visual and textual sources, and how they relate to primary sources. Over the course of this class, students learn valuable Critical Thinking skills that are paramount to understanding the Humanities. Upon successful completion of this course, you will not only scrub off any bad habits but also change the way you think and research.

Age of Reason The Age of Enlightenment is an exciting time when humanity refused to live on Blind Faith alone and questioned EVERYTHING! Students explored the critical thinking skill of Persuasive Expression, which is one of the hardest skills of critical thinking - express yourself intelligently but forcefully! Students designed an oral presentation in the manner of Science & Reason over that of emotions & passions. 

Greeks and Romans This slide set scratches the surface of what you will be reading this week as students. We will focus our attention on the Greeks thirst for Knowledge and the Romans desire for domination. The slides explore the social structure of both Greece and Roma, as well peak into the artistic styles of each period.

Western Religions. This slide set evaluates how religion played a central role in the shaping of human civilization, comparison of the three Abrahamic Religions, review Diatic Art, and discussion over curious questions from previous students.