Valencia College Professor Perez Humanities Courses

The Overall Objective of the Humanities Courses:

A general introduction to Western Humanities courses attempts to answer many questions, (but not limited to).

  • How did the Prehistoric Culture (Mesopotamia, Egyptians, and Aegean's) leave behind a legacy? 
  • When did the Age of Faith (Judeo-Christian and Islam) dominate humanity?
  • How did the Medieval World survive the Black Plague? (Will we survive our COVID plague?
  • Was the Renaissance the first revelation in identity discovery and social norms?
  • Did the Scientific Revolution destroy the Age of Faith and birth the Age of Reason?
  • The Romantic Spirit and the Age of Revolution inspire a gender revolution?
  • Did the World Wars and Rise of Postmodernism change our understanding of central concepts of philosophy, architecture, music, religions, and art?