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Introduction to Western Humanities
20th Century Western Humanities

The overall objective of the course:

Students will learn how to examine individual works of the humanities that have been shaped by their historical and cultural events, and in reverse, how historical and cultural events shaped the humanities. Students will analyze how the values, beliefs, institutions, and actions influence the structure of mankind as seen in the humanities.

Getting started on the course and where the first session will be held.

Each course at Valencia is a hybrid course, that is, typically we meet face-to-face in the classroom but there are times when we do not meet in class but online. Handed out on the first day of class, emailed to student's official school email, and posted under the tab Course Schedule is a schedule to help keep students organized.

Major Learning Outcomes

Basic introduction to humanities focuses on central concepts, historical development and fundamental nature of philosophy, architecture, music, religion, and art. Concepts from such disciplines integrated with contemporary American culture. Keep in mind the following: Who am I? What am I going to do with this information? You can make it in the world and here's how. This course is a beginning to answering some of the most important questions in your life; yes, the Humanities, yes you!

  • CULTURAL & HISTORICAL UNDERSTANDING: Demonstrate an understanding of the diverse traditions of the world, and an individual's place in it.
  • ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY: Demonstrate awareness of personal responsibility in one's civic, social, and academic life.
  • CRITICAL THINKING: Effectively analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and apply information and ideas from diverse sources and disciplines.

You can buy a hard copy from the school bookstore or purchase an eBook online:

Landmarks in Humanities

Note* You do not need the most current edition. If you purchase a previous edition, it is the student's responsibility to line up the current edition pages/topics with their previous edition. Please let the instructor know if you purchase an older edition. If the students elect not to purchase their book, it is their responsibility to research all the topics on their own. The quiz questions do not come directly from the textbook readings but are related to the topics from the book.

Lectures & Handouts:

Online students have handouts and lectures at their disposal on the student portal under the tab Course Materials. Simply click on the title the document will download in PDF format. For a sample of these resources, click on Lesson Plans.

Assignments & Projects:

The Welcome Module contains all the assignments and projects. Students will research the questions using their textbook, supplied handouts, and any scholarly resources outside the classroom. Then, they would analyze the research, explain their answers, and provide examples. Students must supply 3-4 examples, or pieces of evidence, supporting their answer. Each week has different questions that the student must submit online by Sunday night. For a sample viewing, click on Lesson Plans.

Course Schedule:

The 16-week course moves at a slower pace usually spending several weeks on one module whereas the 8-week course covers one module in its entirety per week. Students will several sample assignments here: Lesson Plans