The Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages Objectives

The Middle Ages includes the Dark Ages and the Renaissance which are two of the most time-consuming portions of our course. This era spans 1000 years of history. The era includes the rise of the Christian Church, the Age of Charlemagne, Feudal Society, Black Death, Germanic Tribes, Rise of Constitutional Monarchy, and the decline of the Church and subsequent expansion of the Arts. Students will analyze how the implementation of the feudal system played a central role in the shaping of Western Europe, France, Latin America, and Africa. In addition, students will examine the importance of Coat of Arms, heraldry, and courtly love to understand their importance to the Middle Ages social systems.

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    Thinking about our Dark Ages keywords

    • Feudalism, Fief, Lord, Clientship, Vassal, Economic Caste System, Monastic Complex, Bonds of Fealty, Black Plague
    • Troubadour poetry:
    • This style was popular during the High Middle Ages showing a strong Arabic influence mainly accompanied by the lyre or lute and spoke of courtly love.

    Slides used in class
    Slides used in class

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    Lecture used in class

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