Testimonials, Resume, & Teaching Evaluations

Testimonials, Resume, & Teaching Evaluations


Student feedback is a crucial part of the educational process. Below is a sampling of that feedback and the addressed areas of concern. 

FTCC: Critical Thinking: Read More Here

"A well-organized professor, the class was well laid out with established expectations, grading criteria, organized syllabus, and how to contact her if needed. You're gonna do a fair amount of reading and writing in this course. Working ahead of deadlines will be a plus" 7/22/18

"She has a strict guideline to follow which was very hard for me at first. I've never had an instructor that gives great examples like her. She gives great examples of what she is looking for. If you follow the guidelines you will definitely succeed." 7/22/18

"First and foremost, let me start by saying what a blessing it truly has been having an instructor like you! I really enjoyed this class from the start until the very end (although I really wish it would not come to an end ). I must admit I was feeling a bit intimidated though on the first day of class when I received that email from you in which you concisely detailed your expectations of us as students in your class and basically, laid it all out there up front that YES--we WILL have to actually open & read our book (and/or the lectures), as there will be weekly assignments that pertain to the content we must submit (in which you have a certain set of expectations for that as well). And you basically let us all know that Hey, if we want to drop out NOW before the "hard work" begins, to go ahead and do that as it will not hurt your feelings whatsoever (LOL). And I believe I sent a response back to you saying something along the lines of "Whoa!!! THAT just intimidated me and I am now feeling a bit overwhelmed with a touch of anxiety not to mention... but I think I will give this class a shot because I am not one to back down from a challenge!" The first assignment that most initially dreaded and thought to be "a lot" to take in and complete and that the workload was "heavy"... I did not think so at all. In fact, I really enjoyed taking that quiz (which was set up like those in the cosmo magazines I used to enjoy taking) to find out my learning style, and the rest of the assignments were downhill from there. I do not think the weekly workload was "too heavy" as I initially feared and dreaded it would be, but it turned out to be just the right amount in my opinion. I believe that the way you set up your lectures is brilliant. I love how you incorporate different aspects to it, such as the video component, the different random questions to make us put our thinking caps on, and I especially appreciated you including various examples of assignments submitted by previous students to show us what you are expecting of us in order to get that 100% ..... Thank you again and I look forward to having more chats about philosophy with you in the future since because of you, I learned what it entailed and realized it was my calling."
SUMMER 2020 

Hopkinsville Community College: Introduction to Philosophy: Read More Here

"Great teacher, really makes you think about your thoughts on about every controversial topic." Oct 2020

"Professor Kelly Perez is phenomenal. I loved diving into her world and experiencing a new way of thinking. Professor Perez gives wholesome feedback and clearly notes how to do better next time. I felt inspired to work thoroughly. 10/10, would take another class under Professor Perez." Oct 2020

"Loved the level of teacher involvement and feedback on the class. Obviously, the professor is very excited by the material and wants to make you excited about it too, and wants to make you think. Made the class really fun and engaging." 4/24/18

"Great teacher. Really cares about her students succeeding in this class. Reading is via text and other PDFs designed by the instructor." 5/02/18

Valencia College

Professional Department Chair Observation and Feedback (Oct 2018)

Read More Here from the students (2017 to present)

"GIVES GOOD FEEDBACK, GET READY TO READ, TOUGH GRADER. Great class! Pay attention to the PowerPoints, they'll help a lot but ask questions. Lots of reading but most of it is broken down in class. Better do the weekly assignments! After that, she's clear on grading." 5/22/18

    Internal evaluation students give at the end of the course:  (2018)

    Would recommend *this* course from *this* professor, what would you tell a friend and why?

    • "I would say yes. I did this class online, so for me, it was an Easy A, if you are a dedicated student and do everything in the day, you will not have problems with this course, and you can finish with a good grade, just give your best and complete everything in the day."
    • "I would completely recommend this class to anyone who asked, not only was the class a challenge to the mind, the professor is great. She provides feedback on how to improve your work, she lets you know what the best points of your assignment were. She is really great about making sure you feel you have someone in your corner throughout the semester." 
    • "My learning was promoted because I couldn't do a simple assignment and get away with it. I actually had to think about how I wanted to present my work. I loved it."