Student Resources

Student Resources

This area is reserved for current students to access material used in class such as lectures, powerpoints, and examples of assignments. Click on the links below to download items to your computer or phone. 

Video Lectures Applicable to all courses

Valencia College: 

Powerpoint Presentations

These are raw Powerpoint Slides that may have animation. The files might be quite large. Click on the blue link that will take you to a Google Drive file for download.

Mini Lectures

Fayetteville Technical Community College: 

Hopkinsville Community College:

  • Presocratics and Knowledge: 10min video about the Presocratics and Knowledge
  • Project Examples: Occasionally, extra credit assignments allow students to explore philosophy out in the real world. Here are a few of those times.
  • Lectures in PDF format: Lectures discussing philosophical topics discussed in class, i.e Dualism, Religion, Horror, Existentialism, Problem of Evil, etc