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My father used to call his home The Oasis. A place protected from surrounding troubles, a refuge from the chaos, a spot to seek help, guidance, and most importantly, a place for inspiration and replenish the soul

This section is reserved for my brilliant students. Witness their awesomeness. They are my inspiration and every conversation. They give me an appetite to discover more if only to share it with them.

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Student Resources:

This area is reserved for students to access material referenced in class such as lectures, powerpoints, and examples of assignments. Click the blue title for written lectures, PowerPoints, video lectures, and fascinating facts about the topic.

Introduction to Humanities 

PrehistoryTransformation from Paleolithic to the Neolithic Community. Discussion about Indigenous vs Native people across early humanity. 

Plato's Objective Knowledge: Can Plato's Allegory of the Cave help us understand knowledge?

The Religious Experience: Explore how Monotheism changed how humanity experience religion. 

The Middle Ages: Explore a thousand-year era of Authoritative Social Structure, Caste System, Black Plague, Dante's Hell, Altar Pieces, and Gregorian Chants... an era in humanity that nearly destroyed us all.

The Middle Ages: Myths & Legends: Are you ready for a spooky cautionary trip into the unknown? Take a look at my student's mythical creations! Click the beast!

The Renaissance: A deep dive into the rebirth of humanity.  

The Age of Reason and Enlightenment: Explore the children of rebels and protestors, believe your rights are solid and inalienable

The Romantics; The spirit of Liberty and Revolution, as well as the Sublime

Surrealism: Get ready to dive into the dream world

20th & 21st Century Humanities

Fin De Siècle: Moral and Authoritative belief systems are pushed to the point of extinction. This section contains both Gender Liberation and Racial Tensions.