Archiving History

As with most topics, they change frequently, or more gems are discovered. Therefore, they are housed in one location here on my site rather than on the class platform. If you see a topic or keyword we should add, please message me. 

For this project, students survey old newspapers to learn more about a topic of their choice. After researching the topic, grabbing JPEGs, and deducing its mood, they will introduce our class to the topic via a visual presentation. The students are not limited to any topic, but to help prime the mind, we have a few below to help.

Our objectives for this activity: 

These articles/topics do not reflect an overly accurate or comprehension examination of the topic. However, you can gain an insight into the media portrayal of the event in real time. 

Topics by Subjects

(These represent a few topics from previous students or late-night readings. Could you send me yours, too?)


Bans or banning of 'something;

Communism & the Red Scare

Civil War

Civilisation Exploring


Housing Discrimination 

Indigenous Movements




Nazi Colonization Plans


Social Issues



Topics & Keywords by Years

(Slowly, I am attaching links to the keywords)


1900 - 1950:

1950 - Present: (the papers only go to 1963, but some of these might have pre-history context for you)