Curriculum Vitae

Kelly Perez - Curriculum Vitae


California State University Dominguez Hills
Carson, CA

Masters of Arts in Humanities - Philosophy,
June 2013; HUX Program Alumni

University of Maryland University College
Adelphi, MD

Bachelor of Science in Philosophy,
June 2010, Dean's List


Dr. Philip Pugh, Department Chair, FTCC, Humanities and Critical Thinking:,
(910) 678-9811

Dr. Ken Casey, Department Chair, HCC, Philosophy and Critical Thinking,, (270) 707-3884

Lisa Cole, Department Chair, VC, Liberal Arts and Humanities,,
(407) 582-1468

Certificates, Compliance, & Professional Developments

Valencia College: (Professional Developments)

  • LCTS3221: (PENDING) Designing and Delivering Your Mixed Mode Course (2020) 10 credit hours
  • LCTS2217: (PENDING) Project-based Learning (2020) 2 credit hours
  • LCTS3290: Foundations of Active Learning (2020) 10 credit hours
  • LCTS2222: Case-Based Teaching (2020) 2 credit hours
  • INDV2151: Inclusion and Diversity (2020) 2.5 credit hours
  • LCTS3291: Impacting Active Learning through Metacognition (2020) 10 credit hours
  • ASMT3353: Authentic Learning and Online Assessment (2020) 2 credit hours
  • PRFC3244: Legal Issues and the Virtual Student (2020) 2 credit hours
  • LFMP3115: Designing an Effective Online Student Orientation (2020) 2 credit hours
  • ASMT2910: Selected Topics: Constructive Feedback and Grading (2020) 3 credit hours
  • CTS1110: Teaching in Our Learning College (2019) 30 Credit hours
  • LTAD3388: Screencasting (2019) 4 credit hours
  • INDV3158: Universal Design and Accessibility (2019) 4 credit hours
  • INDV3248: Building Online Learning Communities (2019) 2 credit hours
  • ASMT3326: Introduction to the Rubrics Online Curriculum (2019) 2 credit hours
  • LCTS3242: Developing Interactive Web-based Courses (2018) 2 credit hours
  • ASMT5231: Enhancing Online Learning (2018) 8 credit hours
  • LTAD1118: Canvas Essentials (2018) 10 credit hours
  • LTAD1182: Canvas Webinar: Home Pages (2017) 1 credit hour

Fayetteville Community College: (Certificate) (6 weeks course mandated before hire)

  • Teaching Effective Online Hybrid Courses
  • Discrimination Awareness in the workplace

Hopkinsville Community College (Compliance Courses completed annually)

  • The Clery Act and Campus Security Authorities Awareness
  • KCTCS Sexual Misconduct Procedures
  • KCTSC Information and I.T policy for Security Breaches
  • Cybersecurity Overview: OPSEC Awareness Course for Military Members
  • Title IX: Preventing Sexual Discrimination and Violence in the Workplace
  • Campus SaVE Act for Employees
  • Drug-Free Workplace policies
  • FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy
  • KCTCS Substance Abuse and Drug-Free Workplace review

Lectures & Assignment Module Guides:

All course materials are designed to meet level AAA ADA compliance.

Originally prepared lectures and module guides for each course.

  • Introduction to Philosophy: Aesthetic, Dualism, Ethical Theory, Illusion of Free Will, Origins of Western Philosophy, Philosophy of Horror, Nature of Religion, Theodicy, Rationalism vs Empiricism, & Theory of Forms.
  • Critical Thinking: Knowledge Style Survey, Analysis & Evaluation, Induction & Deduction, Grouping & Synthesis, Abstracting & Persuasive Essay
  • Introduction to Humanities: Reading Primary Sources, Abrahamic Religions, Africa: The Lost Continent, Greeks and the Romans, The Modern Rationalists, Humanism vs. Baroque, The Middle Ages, Age of Romanticism, Fin de Siècle, & Surrealism

Perspective Blogs:

Alternatives to long articles engaging fast-paced students in academic conversations

  • Philosophy: The 'Nature Of' Philosophically Speaking, John Locke and Free Will, Think for Yourself, Identity of A U.S Soldier, Western Philosophy Vs. Eastern Philosophy, What Would Plato'sThe Republic' Look Like on The Big Screen?"
  • Humanities: Valuing The Humanities, Discussion Boards: Bane Of Student Existence, Killing Galileo, #RenaissanceMovement, How Did The Christians Grows So Strong?, From Abram To Abraham, What's In A Name: Rape Of The Greek Gods By The Romans, Greek Against Greek.
  • Critical Thinking: Mind over Matter

Lesson Plans


Organized Lesson Plans that promote Active Learning Theories. 

Critical Thinking, Socrates, Plato, Metaphysics, Ethics, Existentialism, Theology, Free Will, Prehistory, Greek Philosophers, Cultural Appreciation, Emergence of Monotheistic Religions, Myths and Legends, Renaissance Art and Gender Roles, Enlightenment, The Romantics, and Surrealism / Fin De Siècle, Racism in Early American History Film, Musical Protesting, and Global Citizens.

Streamlined Communication Log

Generated original Excel database to track and log all communications, grades, email correspondence with 100+ students per term.

Teaching Experience

Across each employer:

  • Expert in Blackboard Learn, Collaborate, Ultra, and Canvas online learning systems
  • Ensure all classroom material meets Course Curriculum Competencies and Level AAA ADA Standards.
  • Designed Learning-Centered Curriculum that includes assignment summaries, instructions, examples, and unique grading rubrics for each assignment; accessible for 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks.
  • Developed Lesson Plans centered on Metacognition Theories that align with state curriculum standards.
  • Each course developed with tailor-made Assignment Module Guides for each weekly topic containing lesson summaries, instructions, examples, and unique grading rubrics for each assignment.
  • Coordinate third-party software, lesson plans, and assignments to adhere to all American Disabilities Act requirements
  • Actively engage with Military, Firefighters, and Nursing students through frequent interactions that motivate them to succeed, and convey genuine energy and enthusiasm in their learning environment.
  • Courses carefully designed to encourage students to analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and apply information and ideas from diverse sources and disciplines into real-world events.
  • In addition, each course has topic-specific lesson plans to correlate with weekly topics ensuring successful completion of all course objectives required by State curriculum guidelines.
  • Developed and manage Syllabus pertaining to tests, assignments, and/or online discussion exercises relative to standardized learning objectives.
  • Provide regular, precise, and timely student-specific help, feedback, and support to students relative to their performance within 24-48 hours of the question asked.
  • Actively engage with diverse students through frequent interactions that motivate them to succeed, and convey genuine energy and enthusiasm in their learning environment.
  • Created Active Learning material to promote the student's interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills.
  • Provide feedback to the program chair on possible curricular improvements upon request.
  • Collaborate with the administration to maintain standards and proper execution of all student grading standards.
  • Highly Proficient in Learning Experience Online (LEO), Blackboard Ultra Collaborate, and Canvas especially through video feedback, video lectures, and weekly online virtual meetups with students.
  • Utilize learner-centered techniques including oral presentations, group tasks, and student lead discussions to enhance overall retention of the material

Specific to each Employer

Valencia College

Orlando, FL, Adjunct Professor, July 2017 to present

  • Designed Two-hybrid Level AAA American Disabilities Act Complaint courses that adhere to the Course Competencies as designed by the university: HUM1020 Introduction to Humanities, HUM2250 20th/21stCentury Humanities.
  • Developed a 10-week, 12-week, and 16-week course, to include lesson plans, that integrate real-world issues into the discussion-based lectures to maximize student relatability and comprehensive material
  • Maintain and Evaluate a class size of 30-40+ students per course, reaching up to 4 courses per term
  • Upwards of 100+ individual grades assessed, evaluated, and submitted per term, i.e. assignments, final grades, oral learning assessments, and final exam to administered programs for any/all assignments, discussion board exercises, and exams and course completion.

University of Maryland University College - Europe

Heidelberg, DE

Adjunct Instructor, October 2015 to 2017 (Moved out of country preventing further instruction with the university)

  • Facilitated Two-hybrid Level AAA American Disabilities Act Complaint courses that adhered to the Course Competencies as designed by the university: PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy, PHIL140 Contemporary Moral Issues
  • Designed 10+ specific lectures, with accompanying assignments, to compliment shell-courses provided by UMUC to develop student growth through consistent, timely formative and summative measures, and promotes students' abilities to self-assess
  • Provided formative, specific, and consistent feedback to 30+ students per course per term within 48 hours of assignments submission by utilizing originally designed rubrics for each assigned assessment

Hopkinsville Community College

Fort Campbell, KY, Adjunct Instructor, January 2014 to present

  • Designed One Level AAA Complaint course; PHI100 Introduction to Philosophy
  • Developed an 8-week and 12-week course, to include lesson plans, for introductory areas of Philosophy and Ethics, to include integrating real-world issues into the discussion-based lectures to maximize student relatability and comprehensive material
  • Established and coordinated the Hopkinsville Community College Philosophy Club (Campbell campus) by leading discussions between student and guest lecturer, as well as securing guests for future events

Fayetteville Technical Community College

Fayetteville, NC, Adjunct Instructor, September 2014 to present

  • Designed One Level AAA Complaint course: HUM115 Critical Thinking
  • Developed an 8-week and 16-week course for 75+ students per term
  • Established unique, flexible, and feasible assignment requirements for Active Duty military, nursing, and firefighter students ensuring they succeed by means of facilitating reading and visual aids tailored to their learning styles and schedules.