Philosophy Snippets

Muses by Kelly Perez, that's me!!

What would a professor be without an article or two under their belt?! In my case, I've spent many years behind the desk ironing out what I believe to be the best Humanities and Philosophy curriculum available. However, that puts me at a disadvantage for the holy mighty peer-reviewed article submission. What you see below are the muses of a professor in between terms, thinking about the world around her. 

The first week of most college classes is very overwhelming. You have to scan multiple syllabi, documents, chapters, and handouts - and the deadlines mount!

What exactly do they mean by Eastern Philosophy? How does it differ from Western Philosophy? What's the difference between analytical contemplation vs tranquil contemplation? These were questions I asked myself before entering a mediation session at the Genkai-Ji Zen Center in Clarksville, Tn.
I was hesitant at first, not really sure what to expect...

Putting television and movie characters in the middle of an "existential crisis" seems to be all the rage these days. Unfortunately, what the producers of popular media tend to mean by "existential" can be dramatically different from how an actual existentialist might define that term. While those who study the ideas of Existentialism they might...