Philosophy Snippets

Muses by Kelly Perez, that's me!!

What would a professor be without an article or two under their belt?! In my case, I've spent many years behind the desk ironing out what I believe to be the best Humanities and Philosophy curriculum available. However, that puts me at a disadvantage for the holy mighty peer-reviewed article submission. What you see below are the muses of a professor in between terms, thinking about the world around her. 

Many answers have been offered in reply to this question, and most are angling at something similar. My favorite explanation is all rational inquiry that seeks objective wisdom outside the babel of opinion is philosophy. Perhaps you think science exhausts inquiry. When you explore the limits of human knowledge, you are seeking philosophical...

During Theism week in my Philosophy class, non-believers and believers alike come together and play called, A Religious Soul. They try to pinpoint the nature of the soul and the religious implications of having a soul. However, a fun departure from the usual allows us to play a game that favors the materialist Athiest Soul.

I recently came across a clip from the 2003 movie called Identity. It was the pivotal moment where the man comes to terms with his true identity. I instantly thought of John Locke and his theory of 'diversity of identity. But, to understand the mind of John Locke, let me explain his background a little bit.