Student Created Myths


These are myths created by Valencia College Humanities students. Enjoy. 

El Nino del Arbol

By Jacobo Fortich (2019)

Legend has it, there was a boy called "El Nino del Arbol". In English, his name is 'the Boy from the tree'. To begin, the boy was hanging around with some friends around midday and one of them decided to play hide and seek. The young boys all became very excited to play. So the countdown began and all the kids begin to run in different directions. The boy that was counting took a peek and noticed that there was a kid that he didn't know hiding behind a tree bush. When he took a look at him, the boy described him as very skinny with very dark features. As well as a smile so wide that he could see all of his teeth. But it wasn't the smile that scared him. It was the eyes. His eyes looked as if they were going to fall out of his socket because of how they were bulging. At that moment, the kid remembered that he might be the boy in the tree. He remembered him because that boy died when they were 6 years old in a car accident on the way to school. To make things even worse, the car he was in crashed into a tree that was in the same forest that the boys were playing at. The boy in the tree was known to hurt kids in brutal ways. One such story was holding down a kid's arm on a rock and crushing it with his foot. The boy that was counting immediately started screaming for his friends, looking for them in all directions. But it was too late. The boy found one of his friends dead upon a tree. Then he turned his head to see his other friend with a branch through his chest. When the boy saw his fallen friends, he ran to the road for help. As he was running, he turned around to see El Nino jumping on trees like a monkey coming full speed at him. But what the running boy didn't notice was he running into the middle of the road. The boy turned to see a bus coming right for him. He turned back to see nothing but the wide teeth of El Nino's smile. Miraculously, the boy ended up surviving but was framed for the murder of his friends. Instead of being sent to prison, the boy was sent to a mental facility nearby. Months after being there, the boy was found dead outside in the courtyard, hanging from a tree. The forest of doom was visited by a reporter who described "being watched" and had a feeling of uncertainty.  Was it El Nino? What is a mercy killing? Did he kill himself? We will never know. But ever since then, no one goes into the forest. 

Wolves- Garous

By Catherine Joassiant (2019)

Legend of Perrenette was a young girl who lived with her brother and sister. Night and day, she roamed the countryside on all fours because she thought she was a wolf. One day, as she wanders through the woods, running on all fours and acting like a wolf, she was suddenly caught in a bout lycanthropic madness. When she saw two poor young children, brother, and sister, as they picked up berries in the forest. There was a boy name Bidel, had climbed a tree to pick the fruit and his younger sister had remained waiting for him at the foot of the tree. Perrenette, driven by a new passion for blood, suddenly darted on the little girl. Her brother, seeing her sister attacked by a wolf, rushed down to her aid, armed with a knife. Perreenette, turning sharply towards him, assailed the young man, disarmed him in the neck. This struggle and the cries that ensued quickly drew the rescue and Perrenette fled. The young man was taken to his parent's house, where he died of his wound after declaring that the two front legs of the wolf that had attacked them were in the form of human hands. Perrrenette, who had not shown up in the village that day, was accused of this crime. A crowd of peasants went in search of Perrenette, whom they quickly found, covered in blood. They massacred her without any other form of trial. Soon after, a brother of Perrenette named Peter was accused of witchcraft. He had driven his children to the Sabbath, rained hell, and traveled the country in the form of a wolf. The transformation was done through an ointment he had received from the devil. Peter had once taken the form of a hare, but in general, he appeared like a wolf, and his skin was covered with shaggy grey hair. The man admitted that the charges against him were well-founded. He confessed that he had attacked the beast and human beings that he had devoured. To return in human form, he had to roll himself in the wet grass of dew. He had stumbled upon two goats during his expeditions. He lied in his bed for three hours in a cataleptic state, and then after three hours, he had sprung out of his bed. Since the time, he had been on his way to the witch's Sabbath in the form of a wolf. Also, Perenette's sister named Antoinette was sold to the devil. When it appeared to her in the form of a black goat and go to the sabbath several times. Legend has it, Perrenette's brother named Peter and Perrenate sister named, Antoinette, every time they see babies, children, they feel hungry, Peter and Antoinette face, arms and legs were terribly marked by the wounds the had received from dogs during their walks in their so-called LOUP-GAROUS (WOLVES-GAROUS).

Three Slits

By Dannielle Walker (2019)

Legend has it, there was once a beautiful, young maiden by the name of Abrielle, living in the village of Wellspring. She was so beautiful that she had no female friends because they were jealous of her beauty, and the attention she would get from men. Abrielle caught the eye of every single man living in the village and because of this, she was constantly asked for her hand in marriage by most of the men. Despite her beauty, she was lazy and cocky. As she became older (early 20's), she grew aware of the effect she had on men and used it to her advantage. She did nothing for herself. She would have men get her food from the market, buy her clothes from the stores, or have them get her expensive and rare jewels. She was always taken care of and always had men at her feet. She still wasn't married though, because she felt as if none of the men of the village matched up with her. None of them were handsome enough to be with her, so she would just use them until she was done.

One day, a nameless, handsome young man visited the village. A couple of people in the village recognized his face from wanted posters in town because he was an outlaw with a bounty on his head. Those who knew who he was quickly disappeared. The young man and Abrielle crossed paths on that day and she was in complete awe at the man before her. Unbeknownst to who he was, she approached him and began flirting, causing whispers to go across the village. Completely in amazement at how handsome he was, (thinking that such a handsome man was worthy of being her husband), she invited him to her house and he accepted. Once at her house, she offered him something to eat but he refused. He said, "I'm more interested in you". One thing led to another, and soon they were in bed together. About four minutes into woohoo, Abrielle's piercing screams could be heard throughout the village. He slit her face three times with a pocket knife, leaving her alive, but in extreme pain. Before leaving, he gathered all the beautiful and expensive jewels and clothing the men of the village had bought for her, put them into a bag, and quickly left the house, then the village. When word got out that the outlaw had left people gathered around her house. The village doctor soon arrived and did what he could to stop the bleeding of her face, and stitch it back together. Because of the deep slits, months after she had been attacked, she constantly had to wear bandages around her face to allow it to heal. About five months passed before she made a full recovery. The time came for her to take the bandages off for good. When she did, nothing was the same for her. She was no longer "beautiful". Her face was now deformed because of the slits. She never got the same attention from the men of the village. She was now lonely and it caused her to live out a sad life, with a torn face as a constant reminder.

Commentary by the student author


  • Don't have one night stands.
  • Don't be cocky or narcissistic.
  • Don't be a gold digger.
  • This legend goes to show that narcissism and arrogance are not good, and one day you may not be beautiful anymore. (I'm sorry if this sounds savage AF.)
  • Bringing home someone who you don't know isn't too smart either.


  • Jewels and clothing. (Highlighting materialism.)
  • The slits. Because of them, her life as she knew it was changed.