Module Guide Books

Module Guides

Module Guides are like road maps through the weekly assignments. 

They provide an overview of the required assignments expected of students, including a description of the course purpose & objective, how it works, class requirements & policies, the application of the material, key questions & answers, and important resources & dates. The remaining modules contain the bulk of the coursework. In addition, each module guide offers summaries of the chapter and weekly assignment.

Each course begins with a Welcome Module Guidebook. 

This guide contains EVERYTHING the student needs to complete the course, 

i.e policies, instructions, deadlines, assignments rubrics 

Below you'll find sample guides used in previous terms. 

Introduction to Humanities

Module Four Guide: Age of Modernism & Global Community found students at the end of the course. They finish their survey of by reviewing where we have been and where we are now -- basically summing up the entire 20th century - no easy task!

Critical Thinking

Module: Synthesis and Grouping required students to look for patterns by grouping and combining mass amounts of information in a short amount of time. Student's were asked to look patterns and generalities based on the images within magazines and books? Then, learn the use of 'power of falsification' and its limits. Finally, examining what might the limits of the patterns and grouping be within critical thinking.