Petrarch, the father of Humanism, fueled by curiosity, sought a life filled with ancient literature, scientific advances, art, and philosophy. Not a big deal until you consider he lived an environment dedicated only to the Word of God alone. You wake up, pray. You eat, pray. You buy supplies, pray. You sin, pray. You breathe, pray!

Consider a time before #MeToo, #TakeAKnee, #BlackLivesMatter, or the #WomensMarch movement's. Some of you can't imagine a time when it was perfectly acceptable to tell a woman she has nice breasts while at a workplace meeting. But, then again, some of you might remember a time when people gave weird looks to an interracial couple, and nobody batted an eye. Things don't change overnight. There are many factors leading up to the newest #hashtag# movements, and most of those factors you only see in retrospect.

Petrarch began his life in exile after the Neri political party convicted on him on false charges. Once he fled to Arezzo, Petrarch broke out his phone and lit twitter afire... metaphorically speaking of course! He urged mankind to look upon nature with innocent eyes. If, God created such a beautiful world, why interject it with corruption and hate, why not embrace natures love, beauty, and love for community and mankind. Some of his hashtags would include #BeautyOfAWoman, #PublicLibraries, #PassionRequiresAction, #ModernThinking, #SecularCulture, and #EarthlyFame

If you saw those hashtags, how would you reply? What would you envision? How would you actively change the narrative?

The Humanist Movement didn't happen overnight, in fact, it was a secession of men and women with abstract ideas of nature, love, beauty, and mankind as a brotherhood expressing themselves over hundreds of years, finally accumulating into what we call, the Renaissance. 

Kelly Perez, Adjunct Professor