How did the Christian grow so strong?


Ever wonder about the fall of Rome and how the 'church' picked up all the pieces. The graphics show just a handful of factors that lead to the fall and how the 'church' systemically picked up the pieces - talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Below is a snippet from praised historian Will Durant. He traveled the world with his wife documenting history for little ole us! We're lucky ducks!

"Through nineteen centuries, each heavy with crisis, she has held her faithful together, following them with her ministrations to the ends of the Earth, forming their minds, molding their morals, encouraging their fertility, solemnizing their marriages, consoling their bereavement... how did this majestic institution grow [from a hidden sect to a giant powerhouse religion]?" Will Durant Age of Faith

For a frustrated non-believer, it's easy to say a group of people praying to an invisible being in the sky seems ridiculous. But, as we, researchers of the past, look passed quick comments and skeptical doubts, we research how the Abraham religions grow into the powerhouse religions we see today? Surely, if it was just another religion, like the Pastafarianism religion we'd have nothing to consider. However, think about how the 'Church' influenced morals and how they still have influence today over 3/4 of the global population. We can argue all day long if there is or isn't a God but that's not the focus of our studies. Instead, we focus on an 'element' that grows from nothing and eclipses all politics, all generations, and all mankind's thoughts and morals for over 4000 years! How does something sustain itself? How does that entity grow? More importantly, how will it grow in the future?

Kelly Perez, Adjunct Professor; Philosophy

Kelly Perez, Adjunct Professor