Educational Crisis 2.0


Educational System - Failing

Our educational crisis has long roots! Listed in the 'Letters to the Editor' section, High School student Ann Steinmeyer of H. M. King High School Kingsville, TX and presumed Elementary School teacher Leonard Wheeler of Baltimore, MD each have very similar grievances to our own era. Steinmeyer noted they have come to a 'frightening realization that a true learning process does not exist, the main goal of faculty is to prepare students for college entrances tests, and they limit classroom topics to those not arousing controversy, further, students are merely 'processed' instead of taught'.

I often hear this sentiment during the first week of my college courses. I begin by asking the students what are their goals. Many people reply we should just get them through the broken system so they can have a degree. But, as they continue, the degree means nothing because, by the time they get the degree, everyone has the same degree, and the years we spent in college, void of any hands-on experience, produced unemployable specimens.

Has our education system flooded the market with processed degrees and students who can't find a job? 

Kelly Perez, Adjunct Professor