If we compare and contrast two such types of women, the conservative Edwardian Woman with that of the exotic women coming out of Western Afrikan countries, they were two very different types of women in an age when traditional conservative values were challenged by the coming Fin De Siecle Era. 

The Dhuku (the headwrap) has a long history dating back prior to royal Egyptian queens. A symbol of Afrikan cultural identity that praises strength, individuality, heart, and power. Worn with the ability to personalize, characterize, and showcase the woman's features.

But the Edwardian woman was meant to bow their heads, cover their hair, and know their place behind their husband or father. When Englishwomen encountered these "exotic new women", they were both intrigued by their attitude and threatened by their strength. This created a problematic dichotomy. Do they embrace a new change, or continue the status quo?

Kelly Perez, Adjunct Professor