Introduction to Humanities 

Introduction to Humanities

Students learn how to examine historical and cultural literature, art, music, and lives that shaped societies throughout time. Students will take an exciting trip through time as they analyze, interpret, deduce, and how the values, beliefs, institutions, and actions influence humanity's structure. 

Humanities focus on central concepts, historical development and fundamental nature of philosophy, architecture, music, religion, and art. Concepts from such disciplines integrated with contemporary American culture. Keep in mind the following: Who am I, and what am I going to do with this information? This course is a beginning to answering some of the most important questions in your life!

As the courses usually open early for a preview. I encourage students have a look around and familiarize yourself with the Canvas setup. It's very overwhelming at first look, but I promise there's a method to the madness.

At the beginning of class, all we need to do now is the Orientation Module, which has a quiz at the end.

No doubt, students are feeling overwhelmed. The material is quite heavy, not to mention the obligations in other courses. But, let me reassure students that they won't make a mistake enrolling in the class. Nobody is going to fail... and nobody will leave my class with anything lower than a "B" -- if they reach out to me. Your communication with me makes or breaks you in this class. Some instructors are very hands-off, but I assure you, I'm in your business as much as you allow me.

Please send me a message if you need to address any personal issues or concerns, preferred names, or accommodations.


  • Online students can purchase your book from the Bookstore or rent it online. Any edition of the textbook is fine. 
  • In-class students should wait to buy their book after their first day of class. 

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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans are tools professors use to build the course and design the course. They are for student informational purposes only. Available upon request. 


As time permits, these topical videos pertain to topics studied in the course. Click here to access the course channel.

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