Introduction to Humanities 

Introduction to Humanities

Students learn how to examine historical and cultural literature, art, music, and lives that shaped societies throughout time. Students will take an exciting trip through time as they analyze, interpret, deduce, and how the values, beliefs, institutions, and actions influence humanity's structure. 

Humanities focus on central concepts, historical development and fundamental nature of philosophy, architecture, music, religion, and art. Concepts from such disciplines integrated with contemporary American culture. Keep in mind the following: Who am I, and what am I going to do with this information? This course is a beginning to answering some of the most important questions in your life!

Lesson Plans

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  • Orientation Module
  • Prehistory

Visual Slides

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  • Age of Reason, Age of Romanticism, Ancient Gods, Fin De Siecle, Humanism, Logical Fallacies, Middle Ages, Myths and Legends, Prehistory, Surrealism

Practical Activities Slides: (These slides were initially used as assignments but could be used as references as well)

  • Humanism, Nothingness, Renaissance, Allegory of the Cave (Plato)


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Each week, students are guided by written instructions that coincide with classroom activities. 

  • Analyzing Primary Sources, Prehistory, Greek Knowledge, Monotheistic Religion, Feudalism & the Middle Ages, Myths & Legends, Renaissance, Age of Reason, Colonialism & Atrocities, The Romantics.  


As time permits, these topical videos pertain to topics studied in the course. Click the picture to access the course channel. 

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If we compare and contrast two such types of women, the conservative Edwardian Woman with that of the exotic women coming out of Western Afrikan countries, they were two very different types of women in an age when traditional conservative values were challenged by the coming Fin De Siecle Era.

In the book, young Dorian Gray is bewitched by Lord Henry, a skeptical cynic, who believes life's too short for reason and logic. He encourages the impressionable Dorian to seek only pleasure and never fear the outcome. The story is wildly scandalous for its time, and famously asks the question, 'if you could do anything you want, and never suffer...