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Religion and Philosophy Club

What is Religion and Philosophy Club?

Religion and Philosophy Club discusses issues ranging from the sacred to the profane, the fun to the unusual, and to the hotly contested to loving holidays. Our club provides a safe and fun space for the open respectful expression of thought and ideas. 

We design our topics depending on the interests of club members. Join us as we dive deeper and deeper into what you love!

Occasionally we have invited guest speakers to guide discussion events adding to the rich nature of the discussion. 

If you do not see a topic that interests you, please let us know. 

You do not need to be a current student to attend the club. -- Philosophy knows no bounds. 

Calendar of Events for Spring 2022

Face to Face Schedule

Room: ACA Room 158


  • 25 First meeting F2F-discussion of topics

Feb: Black History Month

  • Kadn Butler Changes in deaths and hospitalizations post covid

  • 22 Stephen Spicer-Christian Prayer

March: Women's History Month

  • 1 Bell Hooks on the big screen: Remembering bell hooks enormous legacy (Hosted by John Davis)

  • 15 Bell Hooks on the big screen: bell hooks: speaking freely (Hosted by John Davis)

  • 22 Bell Hooks on the big screen: bell hooks: Cultural Criticism and Transformation (Hosted by John Davis)

  • 29 Bell Hooks on the big screen: bell hooks: love, spirituality and Buddhism


  • 5: open topic

  • 12 Uyghur culture and Religion

  • 19 What is Logic?

  • 26 Thomas Kuhn and the Structure of Scientific Revolutions


  • 3 Final exam week

Virtual via Zoom @ 6:00 (CST)

Feb: Black History Month

  • 1 Online Kelly Perez (Speculative Future)

  • 15 Ottoman Empire or other online

March Women's History Month

  • 8 Spring Break Tsering Buddhist prayer (online)

  • 17 Understanding JS Mill & Trolley Problem

  • 24 Understanding Kant & Morality & Motives

  • 31 Understanding Aristotle Virtues


  • 7 Sexual Ethics

  • 14 Abortion, Artificial Wombs

  • 21 Euthanasia

  • 28 Immigration & Stateless Citizens


  • 5 Animal Rights

Virtual Topics for Spring 2022

Zoom Link available upon request

Do you want to be a virtual guest speaker?

We would meet virtually. You would need access to a computer for a Zoom session.

The Role of Guest Speaker would talk about their experience with the topic. They don't have to be experts at it nor write anything up. But, instead, offer an insight into the subject or have some experience with the topic.

Here is a handful of topics to prime your mind. Browse the topics, or if you have an idea for another, let us know. 

  • What does it mean to an American?
  • Can Art be Censored?
  • What is Justice?
  • Is Capitalism Moral?
  • Do inmates have a soul worth saving?
  • What are the benefits of the absurd?
  • Is assisted suicide moral?
  • When is censorship ok?
  • Can too much Skeptical Knowledge be harmful?
  • Does God hear you?
  • Is there an afterlife?
  • Is there value in a priest-driven life?
  • Can different religions coexist?
  • What does it mean to have a religious experience?
  • Is inaction better than action? (Drowning child experiment)
  • Does exploring nature soothe the soul?
  • What does it mean to lose someone?
  • What is Faith?
  • What does it mean to limit Free Speech (harm principle)?
  • What is the idea of Santa Claus? What is a religious ritual?

If you are interested, please let me know ;) :)


  • Philosophy Club is a Sponsored Student Organization of Hopkinsville Community College, hosted by Dr. Kenneth Casey.