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"This class was not what I expected. I really liked the Professor because she cared. If there were any questions or issues, she responded quickly. I did not care for the textbook for the class, but I appreciated that she didn't care when I called out the textbook. I think she was nice and would take a class with her again, preferably Philosophy." Mar 2022

"Professor Perez is amazing. The time she took to teach the different styles so I can understand was incredible. The videos, slides, and explanations showed how much she understood how different people learn and used the technics being taught in class to teach us. Amazing class and professor, I would take any of her classes." Dec 2021

"I loved this class! Your teaching methods are awesome. It's a lot to take in at first but once I learned your way of teaching it was easy to catch on. Some of the stuff was confusing but you are very good at explaining things and breaking them down. I would love for you to teach me again." July 2020

"Thank you for this amazing class, Mrs. Perez. When I first started this class, I was devastated by the work of "oh no, it is one of those teachers again", but it turns out it was just information relevant to the class and the actual assignment was easier than it looks. When I read the lecture, I chuckled because you knew some of us thought that." April 2020

"Mrs.Perez is the best! I have taken many many many online classes and she has been by far the most respondent, caring, and helpful. I was always impressed with how fast she responds AND GRADES. There are not many teachers that respond and grade so quickly. It really helps me to know that she cares enough to take the time to help a student out. I really appreciated this class. And while I am super happy to be done with it, I am happy to say it was a positive experience and no tears were shed! I don't have any recommendations. She's great :)" (Kellyanne Moeller July 2018)

..."Concerning this course: What would you keep, what would you change, and any other helpful information that could benefit future students? This course was fun for me. I enjoyed the challenges presented and how they were presented to the students. This is approached correctly would be the best way of learning in that it is not test-based, it is based on the actual topic of critical thinking and how we should approach not just this class, but all topics we come in contact with. Definitely, a course to make you think. There is nothing I would see needing to be changed." (Hope Ward July 2018)

Critical Thinking

This course introduces the use of critical thinking skills in the context of human conflict. Emphasis is placed on evaluating information, problem-solving, approaching cross-cultural perspectives, and resolving controversies and dilemmas. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate orally and write the use of critical thinking skills in the analysis of appropriate texts. This course has been approved to satisfy the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement general education core requirement in humanities/fine arts. This course may meet the SACS humanities requirement for AAS degree programs. HUM115 is a 100% online course-that is, we will not meet face-to-face in the classroom, but if students need help, arrangements can be made via Instant Messaging, Video Chat, or telephone. 

Course Competence, Outcomes, and Major Assignments

At the successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define metacognition and elaborate on personal learning style or preferences defined by the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, providing examples of new learning strategies based on this knowledge.

  • Describe the three primary knowledge styles, explaining which most closely fits the student's profile at the beginning of the course and elaborating on how one may change the knowledge style when necessary.

  • List and explain the eight primary skills required for critical thinking.

  • Demonstrate the use of each of the critical thinking skills in evaluating information.

  • Explain why critical thinking skills are necessary and elaborate on the hazards of passive thinking.

  • Effectively compare and contrast information from various sources and opine about the accuracy and validity of the information encountered.

  • Analyze various messages to include art, newspaper clippings, news broadcasts, commercials, and others, breaking them down into components and expressing views on the real statement contained.

  • Evaluate information for accuracy, inaccuracy, and hidden meanings, and express opinions about the originator's real intent.

  • Group messages, objects, abstract ideas, and the like and defend decisions on group placement.

  • Demonstrate an ability to make deductions and inductions when presented with complex and sometimes misleading information and express opinions on the information.

  • Synthesize material, information, and ideas from various sources into complex new and original thoughts and ideas and effectively elaborate these thoughts and ideas to others.

  • Abstract complex information without losing original meaning and effectively convey this information to others.

  • Persuade others of one's thoughts, ideas, and interpretations while remaining receptive to other valid ideas.

Textbook Readings:

Becoming a Strategic Thinker: Developing Skills for Success

By W. James Potter, Edition: 1st edition.

ISBN# 0-13-117983-7

Textbook chapters and/or handouts require no more than 60-90 minutes of reading time per week. Students are highly encouraged to dig deeper into the material with the provided resources. In addition to these reading requirements, students will spend one to two hours a week completing assignments.

Modules Guides and Slides: Each chapter has PowerPoint slides and Module Guides that explain the chapters in a cursory fashion.

To locate the course textbook, please follow these links:

  • Click on FTCC Bookstore
  • Under Categories, click Textbook Lookup
  • Then, under Academic Term, click FALL2022 (or the term you are requesting)
  • Then, under Academic Term, click HUM
  • You will see the class: 115 - Critical thinking
  • Then, look for the professor's name: Kelly Perez
  • You will see the book titled in red: Becoming a Strategic Thinker
  • Then, select if you want the eText OR the hard copy.
  • Click Add to Cart.

Course Schedule: 

  • Module One: Introduction To Critical Thinking and Multiple Intelligences, Strategic Thinking and Knowledge Styles
  • Module Two: Analysis & Evaluation 
  • Module Three: Induction & Deduction
  • Module Four: Grouping & Synthesis
  • Module Five: Abstracting & Persuasive Essay 
  • Module Six: SpringBoard