Fin De Siècle

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Fin De Siècle Objectives

The 20th Century begins with the Fin de Siècle era and searches for our personal connection to it. The Fin de Siècle era rejects the norm, establishes new roles for both men and women, and reaches for the stars in spite of itself. 

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    Thinking about our Fin de Siècle keywords

    • The Age of Metanoia: Moment you realize everything you understood to be true is wrong. (James)
    • Cognizance: Understanding the Scope of what 'can be' perceived (Freud)
    • Autonomy: Freedom from outside control or influence (Nietzsche)
    • Doxastic Voluntarism: The idea that people have control over their ideas (Free Will)
    • Recalcitrant: Stubborn distrustful attitude towards authority or big ideas. (As seen through various movements)

    Blog posts available for Fin De Siecle: Legalized Racism?

    Juneteenth... what is it?

    Tulsa Massacre of 1921


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    • Fin De Siecle: Moral and Authoritative belief systems are pushed to the point of extinction

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    Fin De Siecle: Liberation of the Sexes

    Fin De Siecle: Rascism in Film