Ethical Theory

Ethical Theory Objectives

  • Critically examine the origins of Ethical Philosophy
  • Compare and Contrast the ideas of Consequentialism, Deontology, and Aristotle's Virtuous Mean.
  • Understand Individual Ethical Theory
  • Understand the applications of theories in real world situations

Ethical theory is the branch of philosophy explaining the justification for your actions according to your particular societies' norms. The philosophical study of Act-oriented and Character-oriented approaches to how a person ought to live and act.

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    Thinking about our Ethical Theory keywords

    • Consequentialism: The consequences of the action that has the best consequences will determine the action; the greater good
    • Deontology: The consequences of the action have little to no bearing on the performing action, on the duty to individuals involved; duty to man alone
    • Virtuous Mean: A virtuous act being the right act, at the right time, for the right reason in each situation

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    • Ethical Theory Explore three different types of ethical theories

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