The Age of Reason

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Age of Reason & Enlightenment Objectives

The Age of Reason or Enlightenment is all about exploring the death of Religion and the Rise of Science. We will explore how you, a child of rebels and protestors, believe your rights are solid and inalienable. We will identify the different ethical belief systems in comparison to Logical Fallacies. Also, try to understand the impact of Contemporary Moral Issues on their society and our own. And, what would a trip down Enlightenment memory lane be without examining ideas from Copernicus and Galileo and their impact on the Scientific Revolution & Rise of Secularism?

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Thinking about our Enlightenment keywords

Autocracy, Scientific Revolution, Cogito Ergo Sum, Rationalism, Categorical Imperative, Axiom, Modernism, Doxastic Voluntarism, Ethics of Belief 

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Age of Reason: Ethical Theories, Civil Disobedience, and the Enlightenment

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Age of Reason lecture